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Adios Muchachos Starlight Orchestra 2:29
Apache Traditional Version The Shamrocks 2:54
Apache Live Version The Shamrocks 2:51
Atlantis Live Version The Shamrocks 2:39
Atlantis (Live) The Shamrocks 2:39
The Birds Dance (Ententanz)
Black Orpheus (Manhã De Carnaval) Bossa Nova Version Herb Allen & Band 3:59
Blame it on the Bossa Nova Happy Sound Band 2:49
Blue Hawai Happy Sound Orchestra 2:49
Burundi Black Vuzuela Mix 2:26
Can´t Help Falling In Love Late Night Sax & the White Chapel Singers 3:06
Carneval de Paris Estudio Miami Ritmo 3:59
Chattanooga Choo Choo Live Version The Shamrocks 2:28
Cherry Pink Mambo Maniacs 2:50
Concierto de Aranjuez Antonio de Lucena 3:59
Country One Shadowgraph Corporation 2:19
Danny Boy Late Night Sax 2:28
Die Glocken von Meran Happy Sound Band 2:56
El cóndor pasa Magic Accordeon 3:25
Ententanz Tweety 2:21
Eyes from Ruanda 2:26
Flashdance (What a feeling) Late Night Sax 3:49
George African Guitar Mix Klangbilder - Bilderklang 4:37
Glocken von Miran Happy Sound Band 2:56
Glory Glory Halleluja Fred Brown & His City Stompers 3:11
Happy Song Happy Sound Orchestra 3:14
Hawai Five-0 Moviestars 2:34
Hochzeitsmarsch Vienna Table Strings 2:05
I can´t give you anything but love Fred Brown & His City Stompers 4:04
I can´t stop loving You Late Night Sax & the White Chapel Singers 2:44
I left my heart in San Francisco Late Night Sax 4:02
I´d love You to want me Happy Sound Band 3:10
Inquisitio Ars Mundi 4:52
Jaco Klangbilder - Bilderklang 5:53
Johnny Guitar Traditional Version The Four Shamrocks 3:08
La Coracion de Alemania Single Mix Chupa Chup 3:12
La Corazón de Alemana Fan Mix Chupa Chup 4:11
La Cucaracha Grupo 45 2:38
Lazy Lover African Guitar Mix Klangbilder - Bilderklang 4:51
Les pêchures de perles Auszüge Vienna Table Strings 2:40
Little Lady Late Night Sax 3:29
Mambo No.5 Mambo Maniacs 3:17
Mamboo (¿Como vas?) Chilly Sound Project 3:00
Mammboo! (Como vas?) Chilly Sound Project 3:00
Maple Leaf Rag - Mooch Wiggles
Midnight Traditional Version The Four Shamrocks 2:50
Midnight in December Starlight Orchestra 3:47
Midnight in Moscow Herb Allen Band 3:02
Moonshot Traditional Version The Four Shamrocks 1:44
Moonshot Live Version The Shamrocks 1:53
Mornings at Seven
Morgen Happy Sound Band 2:44
Muss i denn Happy Sound Band 2:23
My African Journey Klangbilder - Bilderklang 4:44
My Dear Conny (Instrumental) Froboess, Conny 3:34
Night Express Happy Sound Band 2:54
Not Twist Again! Remaster 2009 Hector & His Rockin´Five 4:05
Not Twist Again! Jim-Smith-RMX Jim Smith Combo 4:06
Now my guitar plays only for You Shadowgraph Corporation 2:58
Oasis One Klangbilder - Bilderklang 3:10
One Moment in Time Late Night Sax 4:55
Orange Blossom Special Tex Allen Band 3:03
Orpheus Höllengalopp (Can Can) Vienna Table Strings 2:41
Outback Red Rock Mix DJ Redo 3:44
Outback Trance Mix DJ Redo 6:28
Outback Tribe Mix DJ Redo 6:12
Oxygene IV Synthia 3:29
Patricia Mambo Maniacs 2:29
Peacepipe Live Version The Four Shamrocks 2:28
Peters Gun Moviestars 2:46
Quatermaster´s Store Studio Version The Shamrocks 2:27
Raindrops Keep Fallin´ On My Head Late Night Sax 2:29
Red Skies Café del África 4:14
Riders in the Sky Happy Sound Band 3:45
Rinky Dink Rumba Kings 2:59
Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt The Beats 2:34
Rockin´ Robin Crazy Chicken 2:46
The Savage Traditional Version The Shamrocks 2:16
The Savage (Live) The Shamrocks 2:29
Savannian Birds Klangbilder - Bilderklang 3:05
Sax Polka Boemerang 2:55
Sealed with a kiss Studio Version Magic Guitar 2:36
Serengeti Love Affair Klangbilder - Bilderklang 4:37
Serengeti Love Affair, Epilogue Klangbilder - Bilderklang 1:14
Serengeti Love Affair, Prologue Klangbilder - Bilderklang 1:01
The Shadow Of Your Smile Late Night Sax 2:32
Something Late Night Sax 3:15
Spanish Eyes Happy Sound Band 2:24
Stranger on the Shore Klarinetten Version Archie Miller 2:47
Streetparty Nairobi Guitar Mix 3:32
Sunny Late Night Sax 3:27
Sweet Georgia Brown Fred Brown & His City Stompers 3:34
Swinging Safari Herb Allen Band 3:17
Tea for two Grupo 45 2:39
Telstar Herb Allen Band 2:44
Tequila Mambo Maniacs 2:50
The greatest lover Happy Sound Band 2:49
Theme for young lovers Traditional Version The Shamrocks 2:36
Tico Tico Grupo 45 2:41
To all the girls we loved before Late Night Sax 3:23
Torero March from Carmen Overtüre Vienna Table Strings 2:47
Triumphmarsch 1 Vienna Table Strings 0:58
Triumphmarsch from Aida Vienna Table Strings 1:45
A Walk in the Black Forest Happy Swing Version Herb Allen & Band 3:13
Wanderer 4:06
We love to love Late Night Sax 4:08
Wheels Tex Allen Band 2:21
Wipe out Traditional Version The Four Shamrocks 2:10
Wonderful Land Live Version The Shamrocks 2:00
Ya no puedo 134 RMX DJ Redo 2:29
Yakety Sax
Yellow rose of Texas Herb Allen Band 3:02
YMCA Happy Sound Band 3:05
You know that I love You ZF Orchestra Version Ballroom Hits Band 1:13
You know that I love You Jimmy Stage ReMix Jimmy Stage 3:55

Instrumentals, Magic Series:

Albatros The Magic Guitar 3:13
Apache The Magic Guitar 2:54
Atlantis The Magic Guitar 2:37
Chattanooga Choo Choo The Magic Guitar 2:38
Geronimo The Magic Guitar 1:58
Geronimo (traditional version) The Magic Guitar 3:24
GuitarTango The Magic Guitar 2:26
GuitarTango (traditional version) The Magic Guitar 2:54
Kontiki The Magic Guitar 3:10
The Lonely Bull The Magic Guitar 2:24
Marie Helena The Magic Guitar 3:36
Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt The Magic Guitar 2:49
Samba pa ti The Magic Guitar 3:13
Schicksalsmelodie The Magic Guitar 3:32
Sealed with a kiss The Magic Guitar 2:36
Shadows Medley "6 in 1" The Magic Guitar 4:25
Shadows Medley Vol.1 The Magic Guitar 4:11
Shadows Medley Vol.2 The Magic Guitar 4:19
Shadows Medley XXL The Magic Guitar 7:35
Sleepwalk The Magic Guitar 2:44
Theme for young lovers The Magic Guitar 2:28
Wonderful Land The Magic Guitar 2:01
Aba Heidschi Bumbeitschi The Magic Mundharmonika 3:13
Amazing Grace The Magic Mundharmonika 2:59
Amazing Grace (Version 2) The Magic Mundharmonika 2:59
Are You Lonesome Tonight The Magic Mundharmonika 2:48
Ave Maria The Magic Mundharmonika 3:54
Blue Ocean The Magic Mundharmonika 3:06
Bridge over troubled Water The Magic Mundharmonika 4:58
Das Schäferlied The Magic Mundharmonika 3:01
Der einsame Hirte The Magic Mundharmonika 4:13
Dolannes Melodie The Magic Mundharmonika 3:24
Greensleeves The Magic Mundharmonika 3:25
La Paloma The Magic Mundharmonika 3:36
Memory The Magic Mundharmonika 3:47
Mull of Kintyre The Magic Mundharmonika 3:43
Spanish Eye The Magic Mundharmonika 3:50
Stille Nacht The Magic Mundharmonika 3:05
Time to Say Goodbye The Magic Mundharmonika 3:12
The White Condor The Magic Mundharmonika 3:17
Wunderland bei Nacht The Magic Mundharmonika 2:55
Air No.4 The Magic Panflute 3:53
Ave Maria The Magic Panflute 3:53
Beach of Tonga The Magic Panflute 3:33
Bilitis The Magic Panflute 3:11
Born to be wild The Magic Panflute 3:54
Dolannes Melodie The Magic Panflute 3:22
Der einsame Hirte The Magic Panflute 4:13
Evening in Kairo The Magic Panflute 4:24
Freude schöner Götterfunken The Magic Panflute 3:17
Greensleeves The Magic Panflute 3:25
Hermes The Magic Panflute 4:01
Melissa The Magic Panflute 3:59
Nomandie The Magic Panflute 2:35
Panama The Magic Panflute 3:20
Sternenserenade The Magic Panflute 3:25
Summer Sun The Magic Panflute 5:12
Valse D ́Europe The Magic Panflute 3:20
Apache The Magic Piano 2:54
Atlantis The Magic Piano 2:37
Geronimo The Magic Piano 1:59
Shadows Medley The Magic Piano 4:25
Shadows Medley The Magic Piano 4:11
Shadows Medley The Magic Piano 7:35
Shadows Medley The Magic Piano 4:19
Theme for young lovers The Magic Piano 2:28
Wonderful Land The Magic Piano 2:01
Amapari The Magic Sax 3:20
Blue Ocean The Magic Sax 3:00
Darling You are not alone tonight The Magic Sax 3:52
Funiculi Funicula The Magic Sax 3:14
Gitana morena The Magic Sax 3:14
Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen The Magic Sax 3:47
Kufsteinlied The Magic Sax 3:33
Kuschellieder The Magic Sax 3:23
Kuschellieder (Kuschel Version) The Magic Sax 3:19
La Paloma The Magic Sax 3:39
Mama The Magic Sax 3:44
Marie Helena The Magic Sax 3:34
Pokare kare ana The Magic Sax 2:42
Sail along, silv`ry moon The Magic Sax 2:34
Spanish Eyes The Magic Sax 3:59
Stranger on the Shore The Magic Sax 2:52
Tornero The Magic Sax 3:14
Verde The Magic Sax 3:53
The White Condor The Magic Sax 3:18
Gedanken an Dich The Magic Sax 3:29
Ich wär so gern bei Dir The Magic Sax 3:33
Jennerwein The Magic Sax 3:02
Mädchen von Tahiti The Magic Sax 2:38
Nordseewellen The Magic Sax 2:58
Not twist again The Magic Sax 4:05
Not twist again (Jim-Smith-RMX) The Magic Sax 4:06
Santo Domingo The Magic Sax 2:51
Wenn der Abend kommt The Magic Sax 3:12
Wenn die Sehnsucht erwacht The Magic Sax 3:09
When a man loves his sister The Magic Sax 3:55
Adios Mexico The Magic Trumpet 2:58
Il Silenzio The Magic Trumpet 4:19
The Lonely Bull The Magic Trumpet 2:24
Spanish Flea The Magic Trumpet 2:08
Tijuana Taxi The Magic Trumpet 2:08
Wunderland bei Nacht The Magic Trumpet 2:56

TV & Movie Themes
A Whole New World (from "Aladdin")
The A-Team, Season 5 Titles The A-Team, Season 5 Titles+Intro (no Voice Over) Amélie (Comptine d ́un autre été/ l ́áprés-midi) American Beauty (Any other name) American Dad, Credits Theme Arrested Development (Credits Theme, uncut) Arrested Development (Credits Theme) Arrested Development (Intro Theme) Austin Powers ("Soul Bossa Nova") Avatar (Into the Na ́vi World) Awakenings (Dexter's Tune) Axel F. (from "Beverly Hills Cop") Beavis & Butthead The Benny Hill Show (Opening Theme) The Big Bang Theory (Titles) The Blade Runner Cannon (TV Series Theme) Captain Future "Auf Wiedersehen Captain Future" Casablanca (As time goes by) - Schellack Piano Version Casino Royale (City of Lovers) Casino Royale (The Name ́s Bond...James Bond) Celebrity Deathmatch, Credits Theme Chariots of Fire (Main Titles) Charlie ́s Angels (TV Series, Titles) The Chase (from "Midnight Express") The Cider House Rules (Homer's Lessons) Cliffhanger Columbo (TV Series Theme) Conquest of Paradise The Da Vinci Code (Chevaliers de Sangreal) Das Omen Delta Force (Main Theme) Demolition Man Derrick (TV Series, Credits) Derrick (TV Series, full Theme) Derrick Thema (Klavier Version) Derrick Theme (Shadow Style) The Devil wears Prada (Trés Trés Chic) Die unendliche Geschichte Drake & Josh (Credits Titles) Drawn together Drawn Together "Ave Maria" Duck Tales Family Guy, Theme Instrumental The Firm (Main Titles) Forrest Gump (Main Titles) - Piano Solo Version Frasier (Theme Instrumental) Free For All Free For All (Establishing Cue) Fur TV Futurama Get Smart (1965 TV Series Theme, Seas.1+2) The Golden Girls "Thank You for being a friend" The Golden Girls (Theme) Halloween (Main Titles) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Gilderoy Lockhart Theme)
Hawai Five-0 (TV Series Theme) How I met Your mother (TV Series Opening Theme) How I met Your mother (TV Series Opening Theme) Double Length
How I met Your mother (TV Series Opening Theme) Quadruple Length
How I met Your mother (TV Series Opening Theme) Triple Length
Hulk (The Lonely Man Theme) I dream of Jeannie (Titles, no Gongs) I dream of Jeannie (Titles) Immer wenn sie Krimis schrieb (TV Serie, Titelmusik) Inspecteur Derrick (Thème Version Francaise) Ironside (TV Series, Titles Seas.1) The IT Crowd (Theme) It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Jurassic Park The King of Queens (Theme) King of the Hill
Knight Rider (TV Series, Titles Seas.1) Kojak (TV Series, Titles Seas.1) L'Ispettore Derrick (Versione di Tarantella)
Lara´s Theme (Dr. Schiwago) Law & Order (Titles, TV Series Seas.1) Little Britain (Opening Theme) The Lord of the Rings -The Return of the King (Twilight and Shadow)
Love Story (Finale) - Piano Solo Version MacGywer (TV Series, Credits Seas.1) MacGywer (TV Series, Titles Seas.1) Magnum P.I. (TV Series Theme, Seas.1) Mannix (TV Series, 2nd Titles).aif Mannix (TV SeriesTitles) Married with...Children "Love and Marriage" Miami Vice (TV Series Theme, Extended Remix 1.00") Miami Vice (TV Series Theme, Extended Remix 1.00") Miami Vice (TV Series Theme) Mila Superstar (Opening Theme) Miss Marple Theme 1961 Mission Impossible (1966 TV Series Theme) Mr. Bean The Animated Series Mr. Bean The Animated Series, Theme+Cue Mr.Bean "Ecce Homo" (Brass Version) Mr.Bean (Episode 1 Opening Theme) The Munsters (TV Series Theme) The Muppet Show, Opener Murder, she wrote (TV Series Theme) The Odd Couple (Theme from 1970 TV Series, Seas.2) The Office (TV Series Intro Theme) The Parfume (Streets of Paris) Peanuts, Titles The Persuaders! (TV Series Full Theme) The Persuaders! (TV Series, Titles) The Piano (Big my secret) The Piano (The heart asks pleasure first) The Pink Panther Animated Series
The Pink Panther Theme 1963 TV Series Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Blood Ritual) Pokémon Center Theme Police Academy - The Series (Titles) Ride of the Valkyres (from "Apocalypse Now ") The Rockford Files (TV Series Theme, Seas.2) Rocky 3 (Eye of the Tiger) Rugrats Sabre Dance (from "Scoop") Scoop ("Adios Muchachos") Scrubs "Superman" - Easy Piano Instrumental Version Seinfeld (Theme) Sex And The City (Titles) The Simpsons Theme The Simpsons Theme Instrumental The Simpsons, Credits Theme Sledge Hammer! (Titles from 1986 TV Series, incl. "Trust me...")
Sledge Hammer! (Titles from 1986 TV Series) The Smurfs (SNES Game Version) South Park, Credits Titles South Park, Titles Instrumental Spider-Man, The Animated Series Sponge Bob Squarepants, Credits Titles Sponge Bob Squarepants, Mrs. Puff ́s Boating School Theme
Sponge Bob Squarepants, The Krusty Krab Theme Starsky and Hutch (Titles from 1975 TV Series, with Car Chase Atmo)
Starsky and Hutch (Titles from 1975 TV Series) The Sting (The Entertainer) - Piano Version
The Streets of San Francisco (TV Series Titles, no Voice Over)
The Twilight Saga / New Moon (Clair de Lune) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Jacob ́s Theme) The Twilight Saga/ New Moon (The Meadow) Two and a Half Men (Theme) Two and a Half Men (Theme) - Easy Piano Instrumental Version Will & Grace (Opening Theme) X-Men - The Animated Series 3rd Rock from the Stone (Theme)

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